Yeti Tech Logo Sold

Fun yeti character logo design that creatively combines a smart tablet with apps in the white space of the snow apes body. The yeti character is designed in a unique & simple round shape, which creates a bold look. (bigfoot, monster, yeti, monkey, ice, cold, pets, ape, fun, foot, fur, smiling, illustration, friend, humor, winter, alien, wild, large, frozen, bizarre, cartoon, giant, paranormal, hairy, creature, character, cute, fantasy, fear, angry, primate, blue, snow, evolution, eccentric, animal, horns, concept, social, media, business, tablet, cube, multimedia, internet, app, gadget, digital, technology, touch, computer, wi-fi, pc, mobility, mobile, touchscreen, smart, cell, smartphone, application, phone, device, wireless, telecommunication, software, screen, communication, 3d, youthful, mascot, funny, happy, growl, apparatus, tech, teal)

Created: 11/13/2015