App Flow Technology Ready Made Logos For Sale

Modern, organic shaped, uniquely designed smart tablet logo, incorporating the idea/concept of tablet apps in motion. This tablet logo design is created with a warping effect that represents data transfer and app interaction. The squares on the tablet warp inward flowing seamlessly within the design and the pixels flow outward to represent transfer of data and communication. (app, phone, icon, cell, social, media, tablet, download, data, web, display, pad, network, cloud, music, telephone, multimedia, internet, cellphone, digital, cellular, organizer, technology, idea, connection, contact, mobility, mobile, touchscreen, call, connect, smartphone, global, application, message, wireless, telecommunication, software, screen, communicate, button, communication, 3d, flow, warp, app, pixels, blue, abstract, modern, liquid, fluid, POS, nfs, point of sales)

Created: 09/09/2015