Cerebra lCenter Logo Sold

Abstract, mosaic kaleidoscope pattern containing five overlapping circles, which are created with various abstract shapes that create this bold and vibrant logo. The shapes create the impression of five abstract people figures with their arms raised. Five leaf-like petals are contained within the middle of the design, which creates a blooming flower design. The white space and lines could also create the impression of the brain neutron system, representing Dendrites in the brain. (neuron, cell, brain, human, medical, nucleus, bio, head, biological, biology, body, science, nerve, anatomy, organism, brain, mind, smart, tree, branch, stem, abstract, branches, intelligence, tree, people, person, figures, bloom, leaf, leaves, flower, blossom, kaleidoscope, abstract, pattern, not for profit, organization, neuroscience, institute, recovery, therapy, counselling, rehab, rehabilitation, neurological, foundation, hospital, head, disorders, thoughts, modern, bight, colorful, cerebral, cortex, branch, neutron)

Created: 07/08/2016