DNA Helix Medical Person Company Logo For Sale

Clean and modern medical themed logo design featuring a simple line drawn woman figure with a DNA double helix design that wraps around the female figure and conturing her body. The concept represents health and awareness of a person’s genetics, conditions and traits. (dna, pattern, helix, abstract, gene, medical, clone, cloning, symbolic, design, spiral, cell, lab, chemistry, human, sequence, molecular, model, atom, bio, sign, life, code, laboratory, biotechnology, genetic, element, chain, simple, technology, shape, medicine, molecule, microscopic, scientific, connection, research, healthy, biology, genome, ancestor, science, biochemistry, chromosome, organism, health, microbiology, evolution, structure, weightless, diet, nutritionist, healthcare, health, doctor, physician, pure, heart, heart rate, active, fitness, purity, girl, thin, young, youth, youthful, female, pose, silhouette, body, spa, curves)

Created: 07/12/2016