Dendrite Research Logo Sold

Unique, sleek and modern dendrite brain stem tree logo design. The tree and branches are designed to look like a dendrite with branching figures and nerve endings that create the impression of this natural laboratory tree. (central nervous system, temporal, brain, mind, senses, neuroscience, stem cell, cluster, axon, neucleus, dendrites, myelin sheath, cell body, soma, synaptic, synaps, ravier, neurofibrils, signal, node, neurilemma, bipoler, unipolar, multipolar, pyimdal, sensory, biology, health, mental wellness, function, neuropathy, therapeutics, kinetic, movement, neuroperformance, thought, notion, perception, genius, idea, spinal cord, skull, mind, brain stem, psyche, wit, brainpower, mental capacity, mentality, neurologic, neurology, neurological, medicine, psycho, psychologist, psychological science, memory, mental process, mental state, mental strain, nervous strain, neuropsychology, nervous disorder, neurological disease, neurological disorder, epileptic, petit mal, petit mal epilepsy, circuit, connect, connectivity, abstract, abstraction, internal, human, techno, integrated, concept, line, internet, tech, intelligence, processor, electricity, data, medicine, computer, modern, system, science, trendy, anatomy, cell, motherboard, microcircuit, information, communication, smart, thought, tree, axon, branches, leaves, grow, roots)

Created: 03/29/2016