Octavia Beauty Spa

Beautiful, elegant and natural beauty woman spa logo design featuring a whimsical and stylized woman face with her hair cascading outward to frame the company name. Leaf elements are beautifully …


Kundalini Spiritual Energy

Unique, bold and soulful bird logo design that distinctively incorporates human figures into the spiral feathers of the bird. The design and imagery represents a divine spiritual energy of a …

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Evolution Pilates

Natural organic logo design representing three overlapping and evolving figures. The image of the people are designed to look like a growing tree with their arms outreaching to represent the …


Within You Holistic

Balanced holistic person that graphical conveys the multi-layers of a person’s spiritual being within. The design depicts multiple figures overlapping each other to form one single entity. Chakra balance points …

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Sun Bird Lotus Healing

Unique and distinctive design of a beautiful blooming lotus flower. This sophisticated design incorporates two birds contained within the design of the lotus flower. Also incorporated into this eye-catching floral …