Octavia Woman Holistic Beauty Spa Logo For Sale

Beautiful, elegant and natural beauty woman spa logo design featuring a whimsical and stylized woman face with her hair cascading outward to frame the company name. Leaf elements are beautifully incorporated into the woman’s hair with chakra balance points positioned within the centre of the main figure in varying shades, which represent the energy points within the subtle body not the physical body. The colourful dots are also repeated in the woman’s hair to add color and balance to the beauty woman spa logo design. (woman, beauty, silhouette, outline, face, makeup, glamour, hair, fashion, spa, salon, water, avatar, beautiful, elegance, elegant, female, floral, flower, girl, hairstyle, fresh, style, stylish, girl, youth, youthful, lounge, lounge, aura, sexy, foundation, inner-self, aura, modern, sophisticated, clean, colourful, bright, vivid, painting, goddess, slim, model, divine, empowered, empowering, lux, luxury, holistic, sleek, mother nature, chakra, yoga, human, reiki, astral, healing, mystical, pose, spirit, spiritual, spirituality, energy, body, relax, religion, meditate, health, meditation, relaxation, woman, balance, person, holistic, wellness, wellbeing, therapy, zen, relaxation, peaceful, meditate, enlightenment, calmness, being, serenity, health, modern, airy, soft, empower, empowering, leaf, leaves)

Created: 06/05/2018