Evolution Holistic Pilates Company Logo For Sale

Natural organic logo design representing three overlapping and evolving figures. The image of the people are designed to look like a growing tree with their arms outreaching to represent the tree branches. The figures overlap each other and merge together to represent one unified person with the other figures creating a spiritual entity. (chakra, yoga, human, reiki, astral, mandala, healing, mystical, pose, spirit, spiritual, spirituality, energy, body, relax, religion, meditate, silhouette, health, meditation, man, relaxation, woman, balance, person, holistic, wellness, wellbeing, therapy, zen, relaxation, standing, peaceful, meditate, aura, enlightenment, calmness, being, serenity, health, buddha, transparency, modern, airy, soft, leaves, leaf, tree, branch, grow, growing, growth, spirit, aura, tranquility, fitness, pilates, fit, fitness, core, center, balance, vitruvian man, pose, formation, body, strengthen, strength, physical, physic, empower, empowering)

Created: 10/04/2015