Sunbird Lotus Healing Logo For Sale

Unique and distinctive design of a beautiful blooming lotus flower. This sophisticated design incorporates two birds contained within the design of the lotus flower. Also incorporated into this eye-catching floral design are two people figures, nested at the top and bottom of the flower. The design is very powerful and spiritual, both of which are captured by the unique visual combinations of the birds, flower and people elements along with the dynamic bold colors. (lotus, flower, pink, blossom, yoga, stylized, oriental, floral, petal, calmness, spiritual, element, bloom, fitness, balance, contour, abstract, relax, plant, beauty, religion, health, nature, meditation, lily, asian, china, hummingbird, birds, bird, dove, people, figures, person, powerful, hostile, natural, care, organic, beauty, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, pretty, luxury, church, religious, worship, belief, empower, empowering)

Created: 09/08/2015