Within You Holistic Logo Sold

Balanced holistic person that graphical conveys the multi-layers of a person’s spiritual being within. The design depicts multiple figures overlapping each other to form one single entity. Chakra balance points are position within the centre of the main figure in varying shades, which represent the energy points within the subtle body not the physical body. (chakra, yoga, human, reiki, astral, mandala, healing, mystical, pose, spirit, spiritual, spirituality, energy, body, relax, religion, meditate, silhouette, health, meditation, man, relaxation, woman, balance, person, holistic, wellness, wellbeing, therapy, zen, relaxation, standing, peaceful, meditate, aura, enlightenment, calmness, being, serenity, health, buddha, transparency, modern, airy, soft, vitruvian man, empower, empowering)

Created: 09/12/2015