Elephant Parade Coffee

A beautiful sketch-style logo featuring a cute baby elephant holding its mother’s tail in its trunk. This logo was hand-drawn to create a rustic sketch-style logo.  Each elephant is decorated …


Maria Madden Studio Mandala

Beautiful, elegant, and feminine mandala logo design. This beautiful mandala-inspired logo is created with blooming flowers, buds, and leaf shapes that create this mandala shape logo. Customize with your business …


Copper Spoon – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Minimal, elegant spoon logo design featuring a simple copper spoon with swirling vines and leaves design element. (spoon, copper, utensil, eat, eating, restaurant, cafe, food, love, healthy, natural, …

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Wholistic Therapy

Beautiful, natural and intricately designed wholistic mandala lotus style logo design featuring a mandala lotus style design with natural leaves and a stylized eye designed within the middle of the …

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Panda Sushi & Bar

Modern, bold and fun oriental panda character logo design. The design features a cute oriental smiling panda mascot character wearing a rice hat. A pair of crossing chopsticks and a …


Maki Sushi Bar

Modern, bold and artistic sushi restaurant logo design featuring a unique sushi roll shape with the top of the sushi roll designed to look like a salmon fish. The sushi …


Ape Wave Music

Unique, modern and bold monkey ape logo design. The image and design of the ape is created with sound waves that form the impression of the ape’s head. The streaming …


Yogurt Love

Modern and fresh yogurt themed logo featuring a swirling heart, which is designed to represent swirling yogurt that takes the formation of a heart shape. Simple leaf elements are added …

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Yantra Healing

Intricate and detailed hand-drawn lotus mandala flower logo design that combines a striking and bold eye within the middle of the blooming lotus flower. The flower lotus design is created …

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