Elegant Floral And Leaf Mandala Logo For Sale Logo Mood.com

Beautiful, elegant, and feminine mandala logo design. This beautiful mandala-inspired logo is created with blooming flowers, buds, and leaf shapes that create this mandala shape logo. Customize with your business name and monogram.  (mandala, pattern, India, henna, design, tattoo, ornament, Arabic, Moroccan, art, motif, flower, Asian, shape, round, Hinduism, floral, graphic, abstract, lace, tiles, symbol, Mehendi, sign, decoration, petal, culture, circle, symmetric, decor, spiritual, element, traditional, illustration, swirl, ornate, symmetry, meditation, textile, holistic, healing, ethnic, elegance, lotus, yoga, meditation, meditate, healer, life coach, life coaching, coaching, spa, retreat, travel, beauty, beautiful, oasis, tropical, Hawaii, balance, unity, soul, soulful, acupuncture, ancient, rustic, remedy, herbal, alternative medicine, botanical, garden, grow, restaurant, Asian, Asia, empower, empowering, monogram, floral, leaves, blossom, bloom, blooming)

Created: 05/13/2021