Wholistic Therapy Logo Sold

Beautiful, natural and intricately designed wholistic mandala lotus style logo design featuring a mandala lotus style design with natural leaves and a stylized eye designed within the middle of the mandala design. Fine delicate details embellish the mandala to add style and depth to the mandala eye logo design. The design represents wholeness with the elements beautifully designed together to represent balance, perfection and eternity. (holistic, wholistic, therapy, mandala, pattern, india, henna, design, tattoo, ornament, arabic, moroccan, art, motif, flower, asian, shape, round, hinduism, floral, graphic, abstract, lace, tiles, symbol, mehendi, sign, decoration, petal, culture, circle, symmetric, decor, spiritual, element, traditional, illustration, swirl, ornate, symmetry, meditation, textile, holistic, celtic, healing, ethnic, elegance, lotus, yoga, meditation, meditate, healer, life coach, life coaching, coaching, spa, retreat, travel, beauty, beautiful, oasis, tropical, Hawaii, balance, unity, soul, soulful, acupuncture, ancient, rustic, remedy, herbal, alternative medicine, botanical, garden, grow, restaurant, asian, Asia, empower, empowering, lotus, eye, third eye, sight, see, seeing, view, elegant, luxury, sophisticated)

Created: 12/21/2018