Mother & Baby Elephant Sketch Illustration Logo For Sale

A beautiful sketch-style logo featuring a cute baby elephant holding its mother’s tail in its trunk. This logo was hand-drawn to create a rustic sketch-style logo.  Each elephant is decorated with a blooming tropical flower. Rustic grass is added to this beautiful illustrative logo. The mother elephant is holding a coffee bean in its trunk, please note the coffee bean can be removed. (decorative, india, stylized, decoration, tribal, floral, travel, ornament, tattoo, decorated, flower, elephant, festive, graphic, decor, element, hand-drawn, illustration, african, indian, design, sketch, zentangle, lace, hindu, art, ornate, drawn, nature, animal, tusk, trunk, pattern, flourish, swirl, luxury, elegant, sophisticated, upscale, gold, golden, event, traditional, tradition, festive, festive, festivities, Africa, beautiful, embellish, vibrant, jewellery, jewels, gulaal, baby, coffee bean, coffee, roaster, parade, herd, sketch, creative, artistic, calf)

Created: 7/13/2021