Maki Salmon Fish Sushi Restaurant Logo For Sale

Modern, bold and artistic sushi restaurant logo design featuring a unique sushi roll shape with the top of the sushi roll designed to look like a salmon fish. The sushi roll is ornately designed with an artistic aquatic floral pattern with the fish’s tail and fin curving around the round piece of sushi. The design is modern, bold and distinctive to create a one-of-a-kind sushi logo design that will set your sushi restaurant apart from the competition. (sushi, roll, food, Japanese, sashimi, maki, japan, seafood, restaurant, asian, asian, fish, salmon, meal, menu, culture, cuisine, caviar, shrimp, artistic, floral, oriental, tuna, seaweed, bold, modern, ocean, sea, aquatic, seafood, raw, elegant, classy, flower, waves, water, swirl, whimsical, crest)

Created: 07/24/2018