The Book Room

Clean, modern geometrical library book themed logo design featuring a simple rendering of stacked books that create the impression of a single room/building. Simple door and window elements create the …


Homestead Tutoring

Clean, modern and elegant tree logo design with the tree branches and leaves designed to create the impression of a home or house with a large heart created in the …


World Books

Book, global world and lightbulb logo design combined together. The world is emerging from the center of the opened paged book with the book spine creating the impression of the …

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Young Roots Learning

Unique learning book tree logo design with the tree branches and leaves creating the impression of the pages of an open book. The tree trunk is representing with a writing …

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Bibliotech Digital Library

Digital technology logo design of an open paged book. The pages of the book are design with clean geometrical shapes and digital pixels extending from the book to represent the …

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Kangaroo Learning

Fun and friendly logo design that features a cute kangaroo character holding and reading a book. Additional books, pencils and other icons flow away from the kangaroo character to represent …


Pine Tree Book

Clean and unique logo design that features stacks of colorful open books, designed to create a pine tree with the trunk of the tree represented with a pencil. (learn, school, …


Reach Yough Learning

Simple stylized figure created with a single swirling line. This aspiring figure is reaching upward holding a book in hand. (learn, educate, education, bright, books, learning, school, daycare, library, grow, …


The Reading Rainbow

Coloured row of books form a colourful rainbow. (art, artistic, bright, color, colorful, multicolor, rainbow, shape, style, stylish, book, education, hardcover, literature, reading, textbook, school, children, learning, smart, school, preschool, …