Homestead Tree Book Learning Logo For Sale

Clean, modern and elegant tree logo design with the tree branches and leaves designed to create the impression of a home or house with a large heart created in the center of the house. The trunk of the tree and the ground below are designed to look like an open paged book. (tree, home, sweet, foliage, natural, tropical, floral, ornament, organic, leaf, summer, flowery, garden, house, trunk, ornate, fresh, branch, nature, book, open, reading, pictogram, pages, reader, textbook, novel, studying, literature, encyclopedia, dictionary, study, shape, publication, e-book, learning, library, web, school, paper, university, publishing, education, information, college, silhouette, tutoring, kids, home, love, school, tutor, library, study, foundation, not for profit, students, dwelling, residential, residence, elegant, stylish, line drawn, knowledge, pages, read, reading, literature)

Created: 10/13/2016