Bibliotech Digital Library Logo Sold

Digital technology logo design of an open paged book. The pages of the book are design with clean geometrical shapes and digital pixels extending from the book to represent the digital transfer concept. (book, icon, encyclopedia, tablet, information, document, media, symbol, graphic, screen, literature, internet, interactive, element, digital, technology, touch, computer, abstract, download, entertainment, monitor, library, mobility, textbook, design, text, school, education, reading, learn, learning, school, study, tutor, pages, open, binder, pixels, pixel, novel, bibliotech, bible, library, notebook, reader, data, business, cyberspace, electronic, education, academic, college, device, database, campus, screen, data-bank, display, concept, e-book, modern, article, application, e-reader, books, communication, magazine, geometrical, geometric, colorful)

Created: 10/13/2015