The Library Book Room Logo For Sale

Clean, modern geometrical library book themed logo design featuring a simple rendering of stacked books that create the impression of a single room/building. Simple door and window elements create the room/house with a bookmark element incorporated into the design to add style and personality. (book, icon, encyclopedia, tablet, information, document, media, symbol, graphic, literature, element, abstract, download, entertainment, library, mobility, textbook, design, text, school, education, reading, learn, learning, school, study, tutor, pages, open, binder, pixels, pixel, novel, bibliotech, bible, library, notebook, reader, data, business, cyberspace, education, academic, college, campus, screen, concept, e-book, modern, article, application, e-reader, books, communication, magazine, geometrical, geometric, colorful, room, house, building, door, windows, bibliotheca, bar-graph, home, dwelling, house, colourful, multicoloured)

Created: 09/11/2017