Belle Fleur Ballerina

Beauty, grace and elegance is captured in our beautiful ballerina dance studio logo. The design features an elegant posing ballerina girl with the ballerina’s tutu designed to look like a …


Saturn Spa

Beautiful female goddess figure with arms spanning outward, designed in a sophisticated and luxurious style. The beautiful woman figure’s arms reach outward and transform into an encompassing ring that wraps …


Cosmos Beauty

Elegant, whimsical and sophisticated mythical fairy goddess holding the world in her hands. The design is a hand drawn illustration with the woman’s figure adorned with unique swirling tattoo elements …


Deify Angel

Phenix winged angel logo design, featuring a beautiful winged woman. The wings of this female woman goddess are designed to look like a feathery phenix bird style wings that drape …

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Statuesque Goddesses

Two elegant winged women figures, designed in a sophisticated and luxurious style. The two angel woman figures create a mirror image of each other with their arms in an upward …

Logo Sold


Winged Woman figure designed in a sophisticated and elegant style. The winged woman figure is designed in a 3D style with the woman and her wings wrapping around a silver …

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Niyama Yoga

Pilates and yoga natural wellness pose logo design, featuring a stylized figure in a yoga/pilates pose. The figure is designed to flow seamlessly into a pyramid formation with the figures …


Sky Angel

Winged angel woman logo created with sleek lines. The logo depicts the back view of a beautiful angel with opened wings. Her wings transform, creating the impression of a church …


Prism Beauty

Winged Woman figure designed within a prism triangular shape in a sophisticated and elegant style. A flowing ribbon curves around the woman’s body. The entire design commands attention with this …