Saturn Goddess Beauty Woman Spa Logo For Sale

Beautiful female goddess figure with arms spanning outward, designed in a sophisticated and luxurious style. The beautiful woman figure’s arms reach outward and transform into an encompassing ring that wraps around the woman’s body. The ring represents the ring around the Saturn planet. The entire design commands attention with this bold, dynamic and unique female figure. (fashion, fashionable, clothing, vogue, glamor, boutique, people, mannequin, posing, contour, elegance, art, romance, female, pretty, sexy, wings, model, luxury, modern, lady, women, beauty, figurine, high-fashion, angel, flying, religion, classical, goddess, mythology, muse, mythological, aura, orb, trophy, statue, salon, spa, arch angel, guardian angel, messenger, spirit, divine, spiritual, supernatural, calligraphy, classy, luxury, god, pamper, empower, empowering, twins, feather, statue, planet, ring, orb, retreat)

Created: 12/12/2017