Belle Fleur Beautiful Flower Blossom Ballerina Dancer Logo For Sale

Beauty, grace and elegance is captured in our beautiful ballerina dance studio logo. The design features an elegant posing ballerina girl with the ballerina’s tutu designed to look like a blossoming flower with delicate petals beautifully arranged to create the flower design. The gold colors of the ballerina pair beautifully with the blush pink flower with golden sun highlights. Petals flow away from the dancer to evoke a sense of movement and grace. (ballerina, ballet, dancer, dance, classic, art, beauty, pose, fashion, young, contemporary, agility, artist, balance, modern, style, studio, performer, body, figure, female, feminine, dress, attractive, beautiful, classical, elegance, exercise, fitness, flexibility, girl, grace, motion, perform, performance, person, posing, shirt, slipper, tutu, flower, blossom, bloom, lotus, pink, gold, elegant, sophisticated, garden, blossoming, blooming, floral, flora, natural, nature)

Created: 09/03/2018