Angel Woman Crest Company Logo For Sale

Winged angel woman logo created with sleek lines. The logo depicts the back view of a beautiful angel with opened wings. Her wings transform, creating the impression of a church chapel that is situated on top of a hill with stars shinning in the night sky. Please note: the church can be removed from the design if needed. (glitter, glamor, boutique, people, mannequin, posing, contour, dress, collection, elegance, art, romance, females, pretty, sexy, wings, model, luxury, modern, lady, women, beauty, figurine, angel, flying, religion, classical, goddess, mythology, muse, mythological, golden, aura, orb, trophy, statue, salon, spa, arch angel, guardian angel, messenger, spirit, divine, spiritual, supernatural, gold, metallic, classy, luxury, god, pamper, empower, empowering, church, chapel, heaven, belief, spirit, halo, crest, circular, religion, religious, entity, guiding, being, bird, christian, bible, biblical)

Created: 01/12/2016