First Root Kids Therapy

Child figure with their arms reaching upward, which represents a growing tree. The legs of the figures represent strong roots reaching into the earth for stability. The figure is embodied …

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Snake Heart

Beautiful stylized snake in the shape of an “S”. A heart shape is incorporated into the snake’s head to represent the name snake heart. (caduceus, medical, symbol, heart, apothecary, snake, …


Hamsa Birds

Hamsa hand logo design with the the two otter fingers of the hand designed to look like two beautiful birds. The birds are incorporated into the hand design to create …


Inner Self Wellness

Hamsa tree logo design featuring with a beautiful flourishing tree growing from within the symbolic hamsa hand. The tree elements are beautifying incorporated into the hand design to create a …

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Prithvi Spiritual

Modern and artistic interpretation of a spiritual hand gesture pose shaped in a circular design with abstract design/pattern. (mudras, hand, india, expression, hand position, finger, fingermark, yoga, mantra, body-language, sign …