Hamsa Birds Company Logo For Sale

Hamsa hand logo design with the the two otter fingers of the hand designed to look like two beautiful birds. The birds are incorporated into the hand design to create a seamless, distinctive logo design. (elements, element, life, symbol, natural, green, conservation, concept, leaf, environmental, ecology, abstract, season, energy, plant, harmony, conceptual, nature, land, ground, environment, hand, person, eco-friendly, holistic, remedy, remedies, healing, palm, wellness, massage, aura, touch, therapy, heal, care, alternative, well-being, spa, soul, mythical, hamsa, mandala, flower, floral, yoga, india, stylized, decoration, ornament, petal, unique, symbol, spiritual, ethnic, elegant, mantra, harmony, health, spa, meditation, birds, doves, royal, tree, birdie, wings, wing, fly, peacock, purple, pink, empower, empowering)

Created: 09/26/2015