InnerSelfWellness Practice Logo Sold

Hamsa tree logo design featuring with a beautiful flourishing tree growing from within the symbolic hamsa hand. The tree elements are beautifying incorporated into the hand design to create a seamless, distinctive logo design. (elements, element, life, symbol, natural, green, conservation, concept, leaf, environmental, ecology, abstract, season, energy, plant, harmony, conceptual, nature, land, ground, environment, hand, person, eco-friendly, holistic, remedy, remedies, healing, palm, wellness, massage, aura, touch, therapy, heal, care, alternative, well-being, spa, soul, mythical, hamsa, mandala, flower, floral, yoga, india, stylized, decoration, ornament, petal, unique, symbol, spiritual, ethnic, elegant, mantra, harmony, health, spa, meditation, empower, empowering)

Created: 09/21/2015