Milk Company Farm

Natural, fun and whimsical blue cow logo. Stylized rendering of a cow is designed with whimsical and swirling cow prints to add uniqueness and style to this daily milk cow …


This Little Pig Market

Bold silhouette logo of a pig with various line drawn natural leaf elements contained within the pig shape to create a frame around the company name. This animal logo is …


Pasture Farm

Whimsical and natural farm cow logo design. The design and image of the cow is created with organic and natural leafy elements that create the impression of the cow. The …


Royal Raccoon

Regal royal logo design of a stylized line drawn raccoon head and crown logo design. The design is created is clean and modern style using simple lines that create the …


Sticky Bear Farm

Simple and modern line drawn logo design of a standing brown bear designed with natural organic leafy elements. The bear image is designed within a laurel leaf wreath that transforms …

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Branded Cow

Modern and unique cow logo design featuring a line drawn cow design, with the body of the cow designed to look like the cow has been branded with the logo …

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Urbanite Maps

Bold and clean logo displaying the arial view of city streets with different sections representing land plots. The white dividing lines represent the roads and streets. This logo is designed …


Woodsman Outdoors

Rugged outdoors logo design that combines several outdoor camping elements and visuals to create this compact triangular shape design. The design features a mountain with winding river, paddles, tents and …

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Sherwood Adventures

Natural vibrant and bold circular logo design that combines several native american elements that flow together to create this seamless emblem style logo design. Three teepees are situated on a …