Sticky Bear Honey Farm Logo Sold

Simple and modern line drawn logo design of a standing brown bear designed with natural organic leafy elements. The bear image is designed within a laurel leaf wreath that transforms into little bumble bees. A simple honeycomb design is added between the bear’s paws. (leaves, wreath, circular, ornament, crest, label, insignia, emblem, round, branches, laurel, honey, bear, bee, fly, tropical, mammal, sweet, creature, teddy, insects, grizzly, healthy, bugs, wilderness, predator, ingredient, wild, nature, exotic, food, jar, animal, wildlife, sticky, farm, character, mascot, cute, sweetie, eat, organic, natural, stick, sweetener, delicious, dessert, liquid, hive, yellow, dripper, camomile, honeycomb, taste, beekeeping, healthy, drizzler, gold, golden, nutrition, health, beehive, nature, product)

Created: 09/13/2016