Dairy Milk Cow Organic Natural Farm Logo For Sale

Natural, fun and whimsical blue cow logo. Stylized rendering of a cow is designed with whimsical and swirling cow prints to add uniqueness and style to this daily milk cow logo. The company name fits nicely within the cow image to create a compact logo crest design with the other textural placements placed compactly around and below the logo to create a clean compact design. Note: the various text elements and placements can be changed to suit your needs. (branded, brand, cow, leather, burned, hide, stamped, label, symbol, animal, cow, farm, design, food, fresh, bbq, seal, livestock, market, cafe, stamp, farmyard, traditional, premium, illustration, cook, vintage, sticker, wild, natural, tag, organic, concept, packing, template, graphic, label, insignia, emblem, creative, retro, badge, menu, domestic, meat, wheat, spots, milk, cheese, dairy, crops, pasteurize, cream, restaurant, mascot, character, face, modern, simple, clean, whimsical, natural, farm, famers, beverage, drink, swirls)

Created: 07/28/2017