Natural Dairy Farm Cow Logo For Sale

Whimsical and natural farm cow logo design. The design and image of the cow is created with organic and natural leafy elements that create the impression of the cow. The cow’s spots are created with the swirling pattern. The design conveys a natural, organic and modern image that would be perfect for a business that’s seeking a unique natural cow logo design to represent their farm, dairy, or other consumer food products. (cow, animal, meadow, beef, milk, agriculture, mammal, green, field, head, grass, summer, farm, countryside, healthy, livestock, dairy, pasture, pasteurize, cattle, rural, nature, food, happy, landscape, farm, splash, land, natural, beef, farmland, crop, scenery, label, illustration, farming, design, cream, fresh, nutrition, nature, harvest, branding, herd, ranch, meat, landscape, modern, whimsical, bright, leaf, garden, grown, plants, wildlife, stylized, eco, eco-friendly)

Created: 10/18/2016