Simply Loved

Soft and whimsical logo design of a hand that’s created with bright colorful overlapping ribbons. The ribbons extend downward to create the impression of tree roots with simple leaf shapes …

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Astraea Law Firm

Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated legal law firm logo. Logo features a woman figure designed to represent Astraea, the ancient goddess of law and justice. The woman goddess is designed to …

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Nurturing Parenting

Love, care and nurture is represented in this beautiful logo design of two parents caring for their child. The heart that they’re holding is representative of a child or baby. …


Natural Pregnancy

Beautiful stylized tree branch that creates the impression/outline of a woman pregnant body. simple heart shape leaves are added as well as a branch that creates a heart shape on …

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Natural Mother

Natural, whimsical and beautiful design of a pregnant woman that designed to look like a beautiful growing tree. The mother’s arms are designed to represent the tree branches, with blossoming …