Astraea Legal Law Firm Logo Sold

Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated legal law firm logo. Logo features a woman figure designed to represent Astraea, the ancient goddess of law and justice. The woman goddess is designed to represent the scales of justice with her hands outward, holding each scale. The scales represent the claims of opposing parties in disputes. The design is created in a modern and luxury style with the curves of her dress created to add depth to the piece. Golden shades are used to further enhance the logo with sharp highlights that contour the body. (justice, law, scale, lawyer, law, legal, goddess, symbol, symbolic, greek, justitia, trial, court, femida, roman, slim, judgment, sculpture, legal, statue, adult, mythology, female, advocate, jury, judge, judicial, silhouette, judiciary, order, themis, woman antique, balance, hold, lady, equality, beauty, judicature, gold, golden, female, beauty, beautiful, royal, luxury, style, modern, figure, sophisticated, elegant, lady justice, wisdom, attorney, woman, antique)

Created: 10/26/2016