Natural Pregnancy Centre Logo Sold

Beautiful stylized tree branch that creates the impression/outline of a woman pregnant body. simple heart shape leaves are added as well as a branch that creates a heart shape on the woman’s stomach.(Mother, mom, child, love, protect, care, art, birth, motherhood, flower, symbol, woman, religion, son, born, pregnancy, tender, parenthood, life, happiness, parent, hold, female, shape, medicine, family, childbirth, daughter, trust, nurture, together, fragile, silhouette, happy, adoption, egg, baby shower, fertility, children, deliver, midwife, embryo, belly, stork, family, born, beauty, maternal, healthy, invitro fertilization, seed, obgyn, childbearing, obstetrician, kid, kids, baby, infant, labour, prenatal, branch, tree, leaf, family, newborn, surrogate, labor, midwifery, heart, love, organic, holistic, healing, heal, herbal, joy, breast, breast feeding, maternal, tree, natural, forest, garden, airy, newborn)

Created: 10/02/2013