Tree Roots Loving Hand Logo For Sale

Soft and whimsical logo design of a hand that’s created with bright colorful overlapping ribbons. The ribbons extend downward to create the impression of tree roots with simple leaf shapes added to the finger tips to represent the tree canopy. Within the center of the hand/tree is a dominant heart, which represents love, compassion and kindness. (tree, hand, garden, harvest, foliage, natural, agriculture, floral, peace, organic, leaf, culture, symbolic, season, illustration, healthy, forest, design, trunk, plants, fresh, health, branch, nature, healing, spa, organic, flower, wellness, concept, life, hold, nature, environment, palm, love, heart, growth, roots, loved, heartfelt, charity, foundation, rainbow, colorful, modern, whimsical, stylized, pastel)

Created: 11/22/2016