Natural Mother Logo For Sale

Natural, whimsical and beautiful design of a pregnant woman that designed to look like a beautiful growing tree. The mother’s arms are designed to represent the tree branches, with blossoming leaves growing from the tree. (Mother, mom, child, love, protect, care, art, birth, motherhood, flower, symbol, woman, religion, son, born, pregnancy, tender, parenthood, life, happiness, parent, hold, female, shape, medicine, family, childbirth, daughter, trust, nurture, together, fragile, silhouette, happy, adoption, egg, baby shower, fertility, children, deliver, midwife, embryo, belly, stork, family, born, beauty, maternal, healthy, invitro fertilization, seed, obgyn, childbearing, obstetrician, kid, kids, baby, infant, labour, prenatal, branch, tree, leaf, family, newborn, surrogate, labor, midwifery, heart, love, organic, holistic, healing, heal, herbal, joy, breast, breast feeding, maternal, tree, natural, forest, garden, airy, newborn, empower, empowering)

Created: 10/13/2013