Illuminate Lightbulb

Abstract colourful open books are arranged to create beams of illuminating light rays with the impression of a lightbulb created in the middle. The design represents knowledge, educate, insight and …

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Curiosity Eye

Fun, explosive and vibrant eye logo design. The design of the eye is created with many different coloured exclamation points that create a bursting effect with a single eye in …


New Light Coaching

Uplifting and bright logo design of a stylized lightbulb with a accomplished and uplifted person contained within the center of the lightbulb. The person’s hands are in an upward position …


Smart Study Lightbulb

bright bursting elements creates a light bulb in the white space (bright, idea, smart, lightbulb, media, solution, intelligence, thinking, creative, energy, solar, power, school, training, electric, celebrate, success, inspire, inspiration, …

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Smart Idea Lightbulb

Data pattern created to form the outline of a light bulb shape. (smart, idea, technology, intelligent, product, solution, app, bright, smart, media, intelligence, thought, thinking, creative, energy, solar, power, school, …

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Spectral Lightbulb

Modern and abstract lightbulb created with connecting patterns (social media, connection, dotes, pattern, social, bulb, lightbulb, idea, smart, creative, energy, eco, solar, future, networking, data, mulitmedia, technology, idea, communication, electricity, …

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