Spectral Networks Logo Sold

Modern and abstract lightbulb created with connecting patterns (social media, connection, dotes, pattern, social, bulb, lightbulb, idea, smart, creative, energy, eco, solar, future, networking, data, mulitmedia, technology, idea, communication, electricity, atoms, particles, bright, idea, smart, lightbulb, media, solution, intelligence, thinking, creative, energy, solar, power, school, training, electric, celebrate, success, inspire, inspiration, shine, lightbulb, educate, education, school, learn, learning, tutor, tutoring, bright, coaching, coach, accomplish, leadership, leader, fun, innovation, new, bulb, concept, success, teamwork, change, light, element, people, idea, shape, abstract, team, motivated, figure, excited, person, lightning, exclamation, company, joy, style, silhouette, point, happy, reach, ignite, solar power, power, solar, solution, intelligence, celebrate, confetti, training, inspiration, shine, inspire)

Created: 10/31/2014