Lightbulb Coaching Company Logo For Sale

Uplifting and bright logo design of a stylized lightbulb with a accomplished and uplifted person contained within the center of the lightbulb. The person’s hands are in an upward position with bursting bright rays encompassing the figure. This logo design represents accomplishments, success, goals and so much more. The logo can resents so many different businesses. (bright, idea, smart, lightbulb, media, solution, intelligence, thinking, creative, energy, solar, power, school, training, electric, celebrate, success, inspire, inspiration, shine, lightbulb, educate, education, school, learn, learning, tutor, tutoring, bright, coaching, coach, accomplish, leadership, leader, fun, innovation, new, bulb, concept, success, teamwork, change, light, element, people, idea, shape, abstract, team, motivated, figure, excited, person, lightning, exclamation, company, joy, style, silhouette, point, happy, reach, ignite, solar power, power, solar, solution, intelligence, celebrate, confetti, training, inspiration, shine, inspire, life coaching, motivation coaching)

Created: 10/03/2015