Illuminate Book keeping Logo Sold

Abstract colourful open books are arranged to create beams of illuminating light rays with the impression of a lightbulb created in the middle. The design represents knowledge, educate, insight and inspiration. (lightbulb, light, ideas, rays, beam, books, open book, bookkeeping, beacon, lighthouse, colourful, illuminate, knowledge, spectrum, bright, learning, idea, smart, media, solution, intelligence, thinking, creative, energy, solar, power, school, training, electric, success, inspire, inspiration, shine, educate, education, school, learn, learning, tutor, tutoring, bright, coaching, coach, accomplish, leadership, leader, fun, innovation, new, bulb, concept, success, abstract, motivated, excited, lightning, exclamation, company, ignite, intelligence, shine, life coaching, motivation coaching)

Created: 07/25/2019