Smart Idea Lightbulb Logo Sold

Data pattern created to form the outline of a light bulb shape. (smart, idea, technology, intelligent, product, solution, app, bright, smart, media, intelligence, thought, thinking, creative, energy, solar, power, school, training, people, genius, connection, invention, bright, idea, smart, lightbulb, media, solution, intelligence, thinking, creative, energy, solar, power, school, training, electric, celebrate, success, inspire, inspiration, shine, lightbulb, educate, education, school, learn, learning, tutor, tutoring, bright, coaching, coach, accomplish, leadership, leader, fun, innovation, new, bulb, concept, success, teamwork, change, light, element, people, idea, shape, abstract, team, motivated, figure, excited, person, lightning, exclamation, company, joy, style, silhouette, point, happy, reach, ignite, solar power, power, solar, solution, intelligence, celebrate, confetti, training, inspiration, shine, inspire)

Created: 05/23/2014