Zeus Beauty

Stylized, strong and bold design silhouette of a beautiful archer woman. The woman’s bow is transformed to look like a powerful volt of lightning, which represent strength and power. The …


Aesthetic Cosmetics

Abstract and stylized woman figure logo design. The woman is designed with sleek abstract strokes that create the impression of a woman in a sitting position with her hair wrapping …

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Pure Scope

Clean and modern medical themed logo design featuring a simple line drawn woman figure with a DNA double helix design that wraps around the female figure and conturing her body. …


Metro City Subway

Clean and modern cityscape and residential buildings created with overlapping colorful lines. The lines create the impression of the buildings, curve and overlapping each other below the city line to …

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Way Finder Foundation

Uplifting person figure as the center focus with bursting rays and colors that surround the person figure. The colorful rays represent success and accomplishments as well as sun rays and …

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Glamour Crown

Crown logo designed with simple swirling looping lines that swirl around to create outline of a royal crown. The line varies from think to thin to create an stylish and …

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Sovereign Luxury Crown

Elegant and luxury crown designed with flourishing elements that form the impression of this royal crown logo design. (crown, victorian, royal, queen, king, classical, heraldic, ornament, jewelry, crest, luxury, coronet, …


Vitality Salon Spa

Prestigious, upscale and modern design that uses simple curving lines to create this beautiful abstract design. The pattern is placed on both sides of the name to create a very …


Reflections Home Decor

Beautiful fancy elegant logo design. Flowing ornate shapes create a circular wreath design. (abstract, art, berries, border, branches, Christmas, curl, curves, decor, decoration, decorative, elegant, holiday, leaf, merry, nature, ornament, …