Way Finder Foundation Logo Sold

Uplifting person figure as the center focus with bursting rays and colors that surround the person figure. The colorful rays represent success and accomplishments as well as sun rays and the leaves of a tree. The person creates the tree trunk and branches with a winding path that travels over and around the person. A simple heart shape is placed in the middle of the figure to signify love & compassion. (tree, human, baby, organic, concept, leaf, happiness, symbol, parent, wife, environmental, ecology, clean, people, father, abstract, family, girl, boy, woman, plant, person, husband, together, outdoors, kid, harmony, mother, child, silhouette, nature, environment, man, love, compassion, heart, road, pathway, path, way, paving, street, travel, highway, drive, business, route, graphic, service, idea, speed, company, curves, burst, spark, fireworks, joy, success, accomplishment, rejoice, way finder, foundation, charity, not for profit, coach, coaching, mentor, accomplishment, school, daycare, learning, preschool, kindergarten, study, tutor, tutoring, church, religion, lightbulb, idea, sun, sunlight, solar, sunshine, sun ray, sunny, sunset, sunrise, life coaching, motivation coaching)

Created: 10/17/2015