Metro Connecting Cities Logo Sold

Clean and modern cityscape and residential buildings created with overlapping colorful lines. The lines create the impression of the buildings, curve and overlapping each other below the city line to create a subway transit system below the the metro city. (map, subway, train, metro, rails, line, station, journey, way, network, travel, plan, concept, urban, transition, suburban, route, tube, transit, shape, abstract, modern, transport, connection, system, velocity, underground, rapid, design, city, transfer, speed, public, railway, transportation, track, curves, navigation, road, railroad, fast, urban, building, york, business, night, trend, real estate, scene, outdoor, estate, skyline, simple, crosswalk, metropolis, trendy, panorama, home, house, luminosity, style, construction, cityscape, skyscraper, downtown, town, environmental, idea, shape, modern, creative, lifestyle, company, pattern, landscape, connecting, channels, uptown, downtown, colorful, bright, bold)

Created: 03/24/2016