Bright Star Learning

Fun, whimsical and imaginative ladder tree logo design featuring a young child climbing a ladder, reaching upward to reach for a star in the sky. The design is comprised of …

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Smart Pop n Nerd

Modern, fun and colorful popcorn nerd logo. The design features a modern, fun and bold popcorn nerd character. With bold nerd glasses and the nerd’s head and hair designed to …


Candy Nerd

Unique, fun and vibrant nerd candy themed logo design featuring a pair of nerd glasses with the lenses of the glasses designed to look like swirling candies, The nerd’s hair …


Wise Yoga Studio

Cute modern and bold nerd character wearing traditional nerd glasses and suspenders in a zen, yoga meditation pose. The meditating nerd character is sitting within a colourful lotus flower. (geek, …


Knack Nerd Character

Modern, fun and bold smiling nerd character logo design. The nerd character is designed in a clean simple geometrical style. The design featuring the iconic nerd glasses with a bold …


Nerd Juice Bar

Fun, colorful and energetic nerd character face logo design. The Word “Nerd” is presented in a fun freehand style script font, which is used to create the nerd character’s hairdo. …


Nerd Repair

Funny nerd character wearing traditional nerd glasses, polka dot bowtie and suspenders. This nerd mascot is holding a sign, which contains the company name. This creates a nice clean and …

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Family First

Bright, bold and modern logo design featuring family figures designed in a simple and clean style. The family people figures are placed over a multicoloured abstract leaf shaped background with …

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Cognition Nerd

Modern, fun and unique nerd character logo design. The nerd character is designed in a clean simple line style with the upper portion of the nerd’s head and brain designed …