Bright Star Logo Sold

Fun, whimsical and imaginative ladder tree logo design featuring a young child climbing a ladder, reaching upward to reach for a star in the sky. The design is comprised of a ladder and a round moon to create the impression of a tree. The moon above the ladder is designed with leaves and branches to create the tree canopy with the ladder representing the tree trunk. The design represents achievements, accomplishments and that noting is out of reach, that you can do anything that you set your mind to. (dream, reach, sky, academic, achieve, achievement, champion, creative, education, fun, goal, graduate, happy, human, kid, people, school, shiny, star, bright, team, charity, foundation, not for profit, future, space, award, education, public school, children, e-learning, higher education, knowledge, parenting, smart, study, teaching, day-care, tutor, tutoring, publishing, publisher, ladder, achievement, step up, career, upstairs, tree, branches, leaves, growing, step, staircase, trying, goals, preach, boy, girl, youth, moon, wrinkly little star, ambition)

Created: 04/19/2018