Smart Nerd Popcorn Logo For Sale

Modern, fun and colorful popcorn nerd logo. The design features a modern, fun and bold popcorn nerd character. With bold nerd glasses and the nerd’s head and hair designed to look like fresh popping popcorn in bright colors. Contained within the nerd’s glasses are popcorn shapes to represent the nerd’s eyes. This popcorn design represents smart healthy popcorn using the nerd character to represent the smart concept. (popcorn, corn, pop, icon, circus, design, snack, fun, food, butter, buttered, cinema, delicious, theater, salted, kettle corn, show, celebration, popcorn design, traditional, eat, treat, tasty, healthy, entertainment, salty, popcorn explosion, theatrical, popcorn symbol, popcorn illustration, colorful, burst, popping, candy corn, buttery, restaurant, simple, simplicity, modern, youthful, airy, taste, flying, burst, food, geek, nerd, man, smart, people, boy, student, young, clever, dork, guy, male, nerdy, illustration, cartoon, glasses, vintage, character, genius, healthy popcorn, quirky, humour, humorous, popping)

Created: 01/19/2018