Cognition Nerd Gear Business Logo For Sale

Modern, fun and unique nerd character logo design. The nerd character is designed in a clean simple line style with the upper portion of the nerd’s head and brain designed with colourful gears and moving parts representing the mental action or process of acquiring and processing knowledge and thinking. (guy, cool, nerd, geek, student, cartoon, boy, people, funny, face, man, glasses, character, young, look, thinking, smart, happy, smile, brain, mind, head, gear, cog, human, face, think, idea, abstract, profile, wisdom, innovation, engineering, concept, symbol, intelligence, engine, technology, learning, training, coaching, creativity, industrial, contemplation, invention, solution, imagination, machine, inspiration, expression, geeky, dorky, cognition, cognitive, school, education, study, tutor, tutoring)

Created: 02/17/2016