Smart Ideas Lightbulb Nerd Logo For Sale

Modern, fun and bold smiling nerd character logo design. The nerd character is designed in a clean simple geometrical style. The design featuring the iconic nerd glasses with a bold lightbulb floating about the nerd’s head. The design represents ideas, creativity and knowledge. (guy, cool, nerd, geek, student, cartoon, boy, people, funny, face, man, glasses, character, young, look, thinking, smart, happy, smile, brain, mind, head, human, face, think, idea, abstract, profile, wisdom, innovation, engineering, concept, symbol, intelligence, engine, technology, learning, training, coaching, creativity, industrial, contemplation, invention, solution, imagination, machine, inspiration, expression, geeky, dorky, cognition, cognitive, school, education, study, tutor, tutoring, bulb, lightbulb, light, ideas, thought, cleaver, thinking, knowledge, bold, colourful, bright, knack)

Created: 07/14/2017