Stylized simplistic design of a panda bear profile. Bright pink, yellow, pupolr and blue colors are used to create this unique panda logo. (Asia, chinese, culture, japanese, leaf,natural, nature, mammals, …


Maria Madden Studio Mandala

Beautiful, elegant, and feminine mandala logo design. This beautiful mandala-inspired logo is created with blooming flowers, buds, and leaf shapes that create this mandala shape logo. Customize with your business …


Wholistic Therapy

Beautiful, natural and intricately designed wholistic mandala lotus style logo design featuring a mandala lotus style design with natural leaves and a stylized eye designed within the middle of the …

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Maki Sushi Bar

Modern, bold and artistic sushi restaurant logo design featuring a unique sushi roll shape with the top of the sushi roll designed to look like a salmon fish. The sushi …


Yantra Healing

Intricate and detailed hand-drawn lotus mandala flower logo design that combines a striking and bold eye within the middle of the blooming lotus flower. The flower lotus design is created …

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Buddha Botanical

Unique, natural rendition of a female buddha’s face with her eyes closed to represent a spiritual and calm feeling. The head/face of the buddha woman statue is uniquely designed with …


Chinese Beauty

Elegant, bold and vibrant logo design of a beautiful Chinese woman’s side profile with the woman’s deep red crimson hair blowing and flowing forward. The lady’s hair is designed with …


Bodhi Spa

Elegant and striking buddha lotus logo design. The design features a sophisticated and mysterious rendition of a buddha goddess head. The design is sleek and simple and uses simple shapes …

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Colossal Dragon

Ancient Chinese mythical dragon creature logo design. The body of the dragon is designed in a curving design, which is coloured in bright and vibrant golden and red shades. (dragon, …