Bodhi Spa Logo Sold

Elegant and striking buddha lotus logo design. The design features a sophisticated and mysterious rendition of a buddha goddess head. The design is sleek and simple and uses simple shapes and elements to create the impression of the buddha’s face and head. A bold lotus flower is designed below the head to add a natural element to this spiritual and luxurious buddha spa logo design. (asia, balance, beautiful, beauty, spirit, soul, serenity, buddha, buddhism, design, elements, floral, flower, heath, wellness, spa, holistic, human, people, figure, god, goddess, lifestyle, lotus, meditation, mind, nature, oriental, relax, religion, simple, yoga, zen, female, feminine, jewel, gem, sparkle, gold, golden, purple, royal, royalty, crown, eyes, rejuvenation, rejuvenate, heal, healer, blossom, florist, beautiful, facial, face, butterfly, luxury, sophisticated, elegant, soulful, spiritual, bodhi)

Created: 01/12/2017